Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few exciting things to report.

1. Tonight I saw a screening of the documentary The Last Mountain, a film about mountain top removal and the horrible industry surrounding it. The main role was Bobby Kennedy Jr., whom I saw speak 3 years ago in West Virginia for the first annual Student Climate and Conservation Congress. I only wish I had been able to seen the amazing work he does, highlighted in this movie, before I had seen him speak. He really is remarkable.

2. The second piece of exciting news is that I have decided to live in a co-op next year. It is a new student group on campus this year that lives in a house devoted to social justice and sustainability of all forms. I was intrigued by the co-op movement when I reported on the Ecovillage movement last year ( I am extremely excited to be able to try out this type of living while in college and am hoping that it will help me become even more dedicated to sustainable living. I am excited about living with people who share my passions, with people who will understand why I care, and who care as well, people to whom I can deeply relate on at least one level. This is the kind of connection that made me excited about college. And I can't wait to blog about it!

I haven't been able to write blog posts in quite a while because things here have been so hectic. There are just so many amazing opportunities - with over 20 environmental student group - I just can't seem to be everywhere at once. I'm currently writing a research paper for the Environmental Philosophy Writing Seminar on the motivations behind the climate change skeptic movement, and am excited to present it to the blogosphere in a short time.  I continue to be passionate about environmental sustainability and am ready to declare my major as such when I am permitted. I have been talking with the department here, getting to know people who are already involved, and it just all makes me so excited. 

I'm not sure how many times I just used the word excited, but I think it pretty well sums up my mood. :)