Monday, January 31, 2011

No Impact Eater

This week my goal is going to be to eat sustainable. I am going to go all out this week - eating the most local, sustainable, organic, and least processed food as possible. Next week I will choose the changes that I can reasonable stick with for the long term.

We already eat relatively sustainable at home - minimal processed foods and as much local and organic produce as possible. This week I will aim for the following goals:

  1. No corn or soy products: This is actually one of the hardest things to do! We don't realize it, but corn and soy are in everything from Splenda to almost all packaged foods. Our food system right now is suffering from our excessive use of these products. 
  2. Organic: Saying no to pesticides!
  3. Local: This one is the hardest for the time of year. It really is hard to find all local products in the middle of the winter in New York City (where we have recently had a record 56 inches of snow!) I will do my best, but undoubtedly there will be some food this week that won't be local. 
  4. Sustainable: I'm going to use the Good Guide on as much as I can - although many of their products are (understandably) processed and prepackaged.
  5. The fewer the ingredients, the better!
  6. No Aspartame: I just had to add this one with all the health risks I have heard recently about Aspartame. Although it is not directly related to sustainability I am currently an aspartame junkie and would like to kick the habit!
This is my own modified and simpler version of No Impact Man's conditions. (If you haven't seen his movie i highly suggest it). 

I also have a facebook page that I made for this over the summer (when i tried this before). 
I will be writing there this week as well.

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