Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Day New York!

Wow, Friday's Earth Day Celebration put on by Earth Day NY in Grand Central Terminal was incredible! Very well done with speakers and many booths outside.

Food Panel
Watch the video below to hear about the panelists.

The name of the first speaker is Ana Sophia Jones (apologies I didn't catch the beginning).

1. Have you seen any sort of progression in America's attitudes toward growing and eating fresh food?
Ana Sophia Jones: The food movement is really diverse and apolitical - it's starting to take off all over the country. You can see farmers' markets helping to revitalize the local economy.
Anvil: There is a movement toward organic cotton and organics in clothes, not just food. Organics require crop rotation (good for almost any crop), so, often, organic cotton is rotated in with organic foods products. The organic industry is a $29 billion industry, growing at a rate of 7.7% per year.  Anvil works hard to showcase the stories behind the product so that consumers can relate and be more knowledgable about the production process.

2. How useful and  is third party certification in the organics industry?
Very. The USDA organic certification program has strict codes that are enforced. We need to make sure that federal support for this program is not lost.

3. What can we do as individuals?
Vote with your dollar.
Slow down! Work to get rid of/limit the "bigger, faster, cheaper" mentality.
Look for underutilized spaces and resources.
Small steps are great, but what we really need is policy change.

4. How can we increase transparency in the food system?

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