Thursday, May 5, 2011

The End

This marks the end of the official project of The Green. I started this blog as an independent senior project for my final semester in high school and was exempted from two of my classes in order to pursue a total immersion in the environmental blogosphere. A 20 page paper on the blogging process is due on Monday, and I will give a 30 minute presentation on Thursday, May 19.

This has been the most incredible project I have ever done! It has further sparked my interest in the fields of environmentalism and sustainability. I am excited to keep blogging over the summer and to continue my education on these subjects next year in college.

Thank you to the readers, commenters, experts of Experts' Opinions on Sustainability, meet-up organizers, and everyone who helped me complete this project.



  1. Thanks and best wishes for the future!

  2. stay with the topic. it is one of the few worth while thing in life, and life is too short to be wasted.

  3. great job Sara!

  4. Sara, please pursue this interest! You're doing a lot of good for others and you've certainly helped me take a closer look at sustainability and its relationship to health.

  5. That's so much for all the support. Unfortunately this summer has been extremely busy, but I have complete intentions of sticking with the environmental cause and doing all in my power for it.
    I look forward to sharing the next chapters in my work as I head off for college, and to occasionally continuing to update this blog. I am also very excited about the EOS project and will work to continue that through college.