Monday, August 29, 2011

What's Your Eco 411?

Below is a list of questions based on those started by Lynn of Funtastically Green and we want YOU to play along with us!  Give us your Eco 411! 

Here's the deal,  if you have a blog, post the questions below with YOUR Eco 411 answers and link to 5 (or more) friends and this post. I picked this up from the lovely Shane Shirley-Smith of Environmental Booty If you don't have a blog but are on Facebook, post your answers there and tag at least 5 friends and link back to this post.  Ask your friends to do the same, linking back to you, this post and a few of their friends!  And so on... Let’s see how far we can take this!

1. Who are you? Give us the goods – we really want to  know all about those skeletons in the closet.
Well, let's see, I'm an 18 year old environmentalist, gymnast, student, New Yorker, new to the environmental blogging world but already know that I love it! I'm leaving for college in 2 days and I'm excited, but also terrified of change. I started gymnastics when I was just 2 years old, and have been on a competitive team since I was 4. In the past few years I've had one injury after another and actually quit briefly in the winter - which is when i found the opportunity to start this blog! I just couldn't live without gymnastics and returned after a few months, and will now be competing for my college's division 1 team. I love the opportunities of NYC, but I'm not actually a city-girl, I have a quirky laugh, I can be very silly, but also stress way too much, and I get scared watching almost any movie (so I don't watch them very often). I believe that every circumstance is a learning opportunity if looked at from the right angle.

2. If there was one thing on the planet that you could protect or change, what would it be?
I think I'd love to get people to care of the environment and climate change. Plain and simple, attitudes toward the environment in the U.S. are overall just awful.

3. What’s your WORST green habit?
I'm not proud of it, but leaving the television on. Working hard on that one! Plus I won't even have a TV at school, so it shouldn't be an issue.
EDIT: After thinking about this one a little longer (and a few shouts from my parents), I'd like to make an adjustment to this answer. My worst green habit is turning off the water, lights, or air conditioner while my parents are using them. In all other aspects I approach the green topic from a gentle approach - taking caution not to scare people from the idea by making them think that it has to be inconvenient or uncomfortable. But with my parents I have taken a blunt approach. The sound of running water has become a pet peeve. All I can think of how much is being wasted and my parents rinse dishes before sticking them in the dish washer or sleep with the air conditioner on in the winter. I've tried so hard to get them to care, and they're working on it...however slowly that may be. They know that it means a lot to me, but for them it's just not worth it yet. 

4.Girls - which eco-gal is the hottest?  Angelina Jolie, Mariel Hemingway, Alicia Silverstone or Jessica Alba
   Guys - Which eco-guy is cuter? Leo Dicaprio, Woody Harrelson, Surf or Matt Damon

To be honest, I don't follow celebrity news at all. Should probably get on that before I get to school...

5. What’s your fav healthy food? Least fav? 
My parents both like to eat very healthily, so I've grown up with a house full of healthy food. My favorite food in the world is zucchini! Least favorite healthy food? Probably, wow, that's actually a harder question than I thought...I'm not a very picky eating and I think I like every single vegetable and fruit out there. I'm not such a big fan of tofu, just like Shane, so I'll copy you on that one. 

6. If you could adopt an animal from WWF, what would it be? Why?
I'll go with giraffe...they're cute :)
Picture links to page.

7. If you could have any house, anywhere – where would you live? 
Well not there I'll tell you. I'm not so much a city person, and I'm an anti-suburbs person. I picture myself living in the country with a farm and some animals. And places to hike for sure. My parents aren't so keen on the idea, but we'll see as I get older. I also love to travel, so traveling in Europe and staying in hostels is another fantasy of mine. Of course, blogging the whole time. 

8. Is bigger better? (A house that is girls! Shame on you *snickering*) Would you rather have a small house or a big house? Why? 
I'm moving from a Manhattan apartment to a dorm room, small is just the way it is. But definitely, small is the way to go. Enough of these McMansions. 

I'll give a big shout out to my Experts from Experts' Opinions on Sustainability:
Jeffrey Davis (Nashville, TN) - Eco Snobbery Sucks
Brendan DeMelle (Seattle, WA) - DeSmogBlog
Beth Fiteni (Long Island, NY) - Ecobeth and TheEcoBabe
Jin Kong (Indianapolis, IN) - The Green Elephant
Meris Michaels (Geneva, Switzerland) - Towards Better Health
Jessica Reeder (Reno, NV) - Love and Trash
Brendan Seale (Toronto, Canada) - The Interconnectedness of Things

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And let's try to do this with EOS as well! Follow the same directions, answering the following questions.

  1. What was your favorite book of 2010?
  2. What was your favorite documentary of 2010?
  3. What was the biggest political upset (sustainability-related) of 2010?
  4. What role does social media play in the environmental movement?
  5. What is the most pressing sustainability issue we need to address?
  6. What is the most promising sustainable energy source?
  7. If you could back one bill through Congress, which would it be?


  1. How exciting that you are leaving for school. You are in for some of the best years of your life. I feel you on the zucchini and of course on the tofu. Does anyone really love the stuff? Be safe and take care at school. Your parents are probably crying their eyes out over you leaving!!! Remember to call home!!

    Oh and you need one of those clap on things for your TV. Then you can just clap it on and off. :) Of course not having a TV works too. LOL

  2. Thanks! I taught my parents how to use Skype tonight, so that should help :)
    I edited my answer to worst green habit.
    Great idea with the clapper! The remote is pretty easy too, I just tend to get distracted and think i'm going to come right back, but I get carried away with projects.