Saturday, July 7, 2012


Bill McKibben sent out an email this morning recalling yesterday's plan of melting a huge ice sculpture in the shape of the word "hoax?" in front of the capital. I hugely respect his ability to say that he screwed up, but I'm not totally sure it was the right decision. 

I thought the sculpture was one of the most creative ideas I've heard for the climate movement in a long time. I even told my non-environmentalist friends about it out of enthusiasm, and said I really wanted to travel all the way down to D.C. just to see it happen - and the reactions it would get. 

I understand that his decision came from respecting all sides of the movement, but I also think we need to get a little creative here. has been a great proponent of eARTh (earth art) - public movements that display climate change in a creative and engaging way - and I think this could have been a great act of that. 

On the other end, I trust and revere Bill McKibben. I always say that if I could sit down for dinner with any interesting person in the world, it would be him. If you see this, Bill, I look forward to your comments.


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