Sunday, January 1, 2012

Clout Consulting

I am very excited to launch Clout Consulting: Social Media for Environmental Organizations.
I launched the website yesterday and am ready to accept new clients. Interested organizations can email me at or contact me via the contact page on the website.

About Clout Consulting

Social Media for Environmental Organizations
Clout Consulting is a social media consultancy, founded in January 2012, that is focused on helping environmental non-profits and social enterprises improve their outreach. 

The goal of Clout Consulting is to increase your organization's interactive online followers and its presence in your niche of the sustainability movement. The consulting involves 4 steps. It will begin with an assessment of your current social media outlets. We will then create more customized channels specifically targeted to your audience. I will then link accounts and create maximum efficiency. Finally I will set up a sustainable plan of continued interactive posting. 

Our success will be measured by your Klout score. This is a unique and effective way of measuring your true reach - not only the views and followers of your website but the people that interact positively with your content. Pricing is offered on a sliding scale and can be made to fit almost any budget. Please contact me here to learn more.

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