Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earth Hour Philly!

This year Penn is hosting an Earth Hour event. In a collaborative effort between the Political Committee of the Penn Environmental Group and The Eco-Reps program, the goal of the event will be to raise awareness for climate change on campus. In addition, the event is open to Philly residents and we hope that it will serve as a pilot for a bigger city-wide initiative next year. 

What is Earth Hour? Started by WWF a few years ago, Earth Hour is an international event on the last Saturday of March during which cities, monuments, and people turn off their lights as a symbolic act against climate change. Last year over 5,000 cities and towns participated! The event is similar to the days of action that puts on and I think they serve a great purpose.

Philadelphia doesn't do much for Earth Hour so far. A few buildings turn off outside lights, but there is NO publicity behind it - which, in my mind, basically defeats the purpose. I would love to be able to run the city's Earth Hour event - guess I'll work on that for my next project...

For Penn's Earth Hour event, we will be setting up a fire pit on the field next to the three high rises on campus, roasting s'mores, and listening to live music! To take part and find out more, check out our Facebook page 


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