Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Connecting the Dots

Now that Earth Hour is over (recap video coming soon!), we're onto our next event!'s next day of action is May 5, 2012, and the theme is "Connecting the Dots".  They have some great events already planned!
  1. In Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands, organisers are running a 3-day climate leadership workshop finishing on May 5th. On the same day, a diving team will be taking a photo of coral reef affected by coral bleaching to connect the dots.
  2. In North Dakota, USA, park rangers will make a dot in front of a forest that has been destroyed by pine-bark beetles, a pest whose population is no longer controlled by appropriate cold.
  3. In London, they’ll be gathering atop Telegraph Hill, a historical site where threats from the sea used to be relayed inland, to highlight a new threat: rising sea levels.
  4. On mountains around the world (including Mt. Everest!) we’ll have banners connecting the dots about shrinking glaciers, and how climate impacts threaten billions of people who rely on these glaciers for water.
It's a little tough given that they only announced the event a couple weeks ago (in my mind 6 weeks isn't enough time to plan a really thoughtful event) and that it's during Penn's exam period. 
350 has some incredible online resources for event planners though. Penn Environmental Group is working hard to come up with a plan in time. We're thinking of 2 options: 
1. connect College Hall (administrative building in the middle of campus) to PNC (which supports MTR and is the official bank of Penn) and other environmentally harmful actions Penn takes part in with chalked dots. 
2. Work with local environmental organizations to create an event in Center City with a target audience of Philly residents rather than students. Apparently the Rittenhouse Farmer's Market is in danger, so we might host an event around that.

Of course (if I still have any readers) please comment with thoughts and ideas!

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