Friday, February 18, 2011

New York City: The Future Metropolis (II)

This panel was put on by Solar One and took place on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at The Education Alliance.

Format: 10 speakers, 20 slides and 7 minute limit each.
Here is the official page for the event with information about each speaker.

Theme: Infrastructure

-In NYC we have twice the amount of solar we need to be completely powered by solar.
-Gross solar usage doubled last year in NYC
-Renting and multi-unit housing makes solar difficult
-Solar Map Project Online
-1 Blog Off the Grid

Jeff Perlman
-Right now we have a dumb grid! - with individual meters and meter readers on each building
Moving to a smart grid means having building that communicate with each other automatically and have energy score cards (among other advances)

Deirdre Lizio (Pratt Institute)
-We need to retrofit NYC block by block

Jackie Brookner
-Artist - "biosculpture"
-Her website here

Dawn Henning and Jaime Stein
-NYC has a single sewage pipe where sewage and extra water combine (and overflow)
-When this overflows (often) it dumps into the rivers - 27 Billion gallons/year!

Amy Bucciferro
-"Floating Food" - using the waterways around NYC to transport food (short sea shipping)
-This would alleviate truck traffic and truck pollution
-Boats could bring backhaul (such as compost) back to the farms

Kubi Ackerman
-Columbia University food-shed initiative
-Earth Institute - Urban Design Lab

Janette Kim 
-Columbia - Urban Landscape Lab
-Underdome project

Diallo Shabazz
-Green career training at Solar 1
-We have to think about the triple bottom line - societal, economic, and environmental sustainability

It was a great presentation! Each of the speakers could have had an entire hour long presentation all to themselves (so time was a little too tight for some).  It was great to bring specialists in such diverse areas together.

One question that was brought up was how we can bring together everyone working together on these issues. 

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