Thursday, March 24, 2011

Experts' Opinions on Sustainability

In the blogging process, I have found that the biggest issue is not something specific, but rather that there are so many experts working in isolation and competition instead of collaboration.  My first project to help environmental bloggers and readers connect is Experts' Opinions on Sustainability.  
This project was inspired by the McLaughlin Group Discussions started this year by gymnastics blogger Blythe Lawrence of The Examiner (her blog, 
Gymnastics Examiner). Thoughtful and knowledgeable bloggers from around the world were chosen to occasionally answer relevant questions. The bloggers then posted their results at a predetermined time. This simultaneous action helped bring together the entire gymnastics community to discuss one important question – it stimulated a discussion. And that is the goal of the project: to create an informed, multidimensional discussion among environmentalists.

I will moderate questions on topics of sustainability ranging from innovation to corporate social responsibility, public health, over-population, pollution, energy, politics, and resource depletion.

If you have questions you would like to propose or are an environmental blogger who would like to participate in the project please email me:

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