Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet the Experts

The first question set of Experts' Opinions on Sustainability will be published tomorrow! Here is your first chance to get to know the experts.

Jeffrey Davis - Eco Snobbery Sucks
Jeffrey Davis is a blogger, writer, speaker, personal trainer, and web designer. In January 2007 he helped kick-start (and remains senior editor of) The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. In addition to being an avid Twitterer, he is the Green Tech and Green Business editor and writes for Mother Nature Network. He has also had work appear on He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Eco-Snobbery-Sucks.

Edward Hall - LightSource
Edward Hall is the Next Gen 2011 artist of the year, TEDxGotham speaker, and co-founder/CEO of LightSource. LightSource's vision is to "innovate the process by which we innovate." They do this by "transparently-engaging", "recursively-focusing",and "holistically-uniting" the core tools, practices and approaches that help people lead fulfilled and sustainable lives. Through the LightSource vision they built LightSource Co.; the openly-developed structure to support LightSourcing sustainable, creative, and practical collaboration. LightSource Co. Is a holistic, evolving, and open company that develops methods of LightSourcing positive human capabilities - focusing on sustainable, creative, and practical collaborations. They are building technical, social, and legal structures to support such collaborations. Their major collaborations are with 

Jin Kong - The Green Elephant
Jin was born in Lanzhou, a city of the Silk Road. He moved to Beijing at age five, then to Cincinnati at age eleven. After college, he served a tour in Iraq as a combat medic. Upon his honorable discharge from the US Army, he sought to continue his oath to protect and defend this great nation. He founded iCube to further his dreams of becoming a social entrepreneur.
Jin is a certified: Six Sigma Black Belt, PADI Rescue SCUBA Diver, Emergency Medical Tech (EMT). He is currently an evening law student at IU - Law in Indy. He and his fiancee, Lauren, with the help of their friends from around the world, launched The Green Elephant hoping to help make the world a little more sustainable. Jin is the founder, current publisher and editor of The Green Elephant.

Meris Michaels - Towards Better Health
Meris Michaels is creator and editor of two blogs focused on health and sustainability, Towards Better Health and Mieux Prevenir. She is an American currently living in Geneva, Switzerland and is a regular contributor to Geneva's main newspaper on topics of health and the environment. 

Jessica Reeder - Love and Trash
Jessica Reeder, also known as The Hun, is a blogger, DIYer, gardener, artist, and sustainability advocate. In 2008 she quit her job, got rid of most of her possessions, and backpacked across the United States to meet and work alongside farmers, sustainable builders and bike-wielding anarchists. When she returned from her two-year journey, Jessica founded LoveandTrash.comwith a cadre of compatriots. Love and Trash's mission is to provide positive inspiration and ideas for people who want to change their lives in even the smallest of ways. Love and Trashies believe that every action is a step to creating a better world, and that there's no right way to create change.

Shane Shirley-Smith - Environmental Booty
"I have a B.A. in Communications from MSU and my professional background is in business development, social media and medical sales. I have been married for almost 20 years and have three daughter ages 5, 10 and 14. After the birth of my first daughter, I found fulfillment in raising my family & volunteering. I was settled in life's daily routine. Then I experienced a life-threatening health crisis due to a reaction to aspartame. During my journey to wellness, I began searching for ways to provide myself and my family with safe consumables and began spreading the word to others. Through my website,, I offer consumer information, products and creative partnerships for a greener life and world. My goal is to help consumers and companies become aware of how their choices impact our health and the health of our environment. By providing a forum for open dialogue with consumers and suppliers, I believe that we are all creating a greener tomorrow."

Brendan specializes in strategic planning for sustainability, project management, communications design and delivery, group process facilitation, and learning design. He draws from each of these areas to lead organizations and groups to enact positive change toward a sustainable future. He has delivered customized lectures, workshops and short courses in Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands, and has led sustainability planning processes for a variety of organizations.
Brendan earned a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) fromBlekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, authoring his thesis on educational design for the development of an interconnected worldview. He also holds a Combined Honours Bachelors degree in Communication Studies and Multimedia from McMaster University in Canada, where he specialized in culture change studies. Brendan has previously worked in corporate communications at a multinational mining company, and founded and operated a communications consultancy.

Bonnie Lane Webber - Grass-Roots Organization
Bonnie received her Masters in Nutrition from Columbia Teachers College in 1978. After graduating, she did nutrition counseling and ran a school lunch program, cooking food "from scratch" with as many ingredients as possible bought from local farmers' markets. During this time, she wrote "Bonnie's Nutrition Basics." 
In the late '80s Bonnie accepted the challenge of the NYC Department of Sanitation to design and carry out an experimental source separation recycling program in her upper eastside neighborhood. That experience led her to being part of the team writing NYC's Recycling Local Law 19. She helped initiate the law as one of the Sanitation Department's Community Educators on Manhattan's Upper East Side and was a member of the Solid Waste Advisory Board for many years.
13 years ago, Bonnie created and has since directed Grass-Roots, a neighborhood environmental education group hosting prominent guest speakers monthly and publishing a newsletter. Under Bonnie's leadership, Grass-Roots established the first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) on the Upper East Side in the Carnegie Hill/Yorkville neighborhood.
Recently Bonnie combined her food and environment passions in co-producing a 15 minute animated video entitled The True Cost of Food.  
In addition to leading and participating the above programs, Bonnie also serves as co-chair of the Northeast Energy Conservation Committee, which is in the process of establishing joint initiatives between the Sierra Club and Habitat for Humanity to create housing that is completely energy self-sufficient.

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