Friday, March 11, 2011

Hope, Human, and Wild by Bill McKibben

In one of Bill McKibben's early books, Hope, Human and Wild, he sets out to explore some of the most sustainable places in the world. As he journeys through Curitiba, Brazil and Kerala, India he finds that sustainability comes in many forms. He starts and ends at home, making the journey a respectable odyssey. While the book as a whole was all right, I really enjoyed the section on Curitiba, and highly recommend it - especially to our politicians. The story of Curitiba's innovative mayor was incredibly inspiring!

PBS did a Frontline World piece on it titled Curitiba's Urban Experiment.

"Bill McKibben's first book, the bestselling The End of Nature, offered a devastating portrait of the harm human civilization has done to the planet.Hope, Human and Wild sets out on a dramatically different journey to provide examples and hope for a sustainable future, one in which our society's wealth is measured less by its material productivity and more by its spiritual richness; less by its consumption of resources and more by the extent to which we live in harmony with the natural world.

From the Adirondack Mountains to Kerala, India, to Curitiba, Brazil, McKibben offers clear-eyed and profoundly compelling portraits of places where resourceful people have confronted modern problems with inventive solutions, and thrived in the process. With an afterword by the author updating developments in the decade since the book was first published, this new edition offers a badly needed vision of optimism for the future of our planet."

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