Monday, March 14, 2011

National Wildlife Week

National Wildlife Week takes place from March 14-20 in 2011.

National Wildlife Week has taken place annually since 1938, and is a program fun by National Wildlife Federation.

The National Geographic website should certainly inspire you to step outside. And I have a great map of National Parks of New York Harbor - I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are 10 National Parks in New York City and northern New Jersey and look forward to visiting many of them (hopefully some by bike). 

Here you can find an index of national parks near you!

Living in NYC it is certainly hard to get my fair share of nature as I love hiking and being in the true wilderness. But I found a few weeks ago that even a long bike ride around Manhattan helped me feel slightly more connected with the natural world and I even discovered some pretty neat places. I am looking forward to taking my bike out some more to explore the many urban gardens of NYC, and even starting a gardening project in my small apartment. 

More to come on those projects soon, but for now get out doors and enjoy nature!

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