Sunday, February 5, 2012

Aren't Colds Just the Best?

Well, I was going to write a post about Pinterest, or my recent research on Superfund sites, or maybe on the ways the Superbowl went green this year. But really I just don't have the mental capabilities at the moment for a serious post. I've been fighting off a cold for a while now and it finally caught me. I think it was inevitable...with all these weather changes - one day 65 the next 30... and my roommate and teammates have been sick. Things are going around the campus and I haven't really been sick yet this winter. 

So, this post is basically just a post so that I can continue with NaBloPoMo. It is a good exercise I think - making yourself write even when you don't necessarily feel inspired. Plus there haven't been any NaBlo prompts this weekend - I guess the leader over at Blogher takes the weekends off, which is totally fine but me, I just wish i could do the same. 

Now to tie this into environmentalism? Hmmm, that's a toughie...I should eventually write a post about how the weather has been really crazy this year. I've seen a few articles about the warm temperatures but really not as much as I would expect. I've moved only 2 hours south - NYC to Philly - and this winter is definitely warmer in both places. 

Also contributing to my cold is likely the crazy amount of work I've been trying to fit in. I'm kind of a workaholic...I love taking on projects and once I start I just have to finish them. I've been working on Allan Clout Consulting (a social media consultancy that I started in January 2012) (p.s. we're accepting clients, check out our website and follow us on LinkedIn :) ). I've also been attempting to do some touch ups with Experts' Opinions on Sustainability  - which by the way i would still like to revive later this semester or this summer if possible. I think it has so much potential, I just haven't had the time i'd like to put into it. I've also signed on to help the Green Schools Alliance market and plan this year's Sc3 - Student Climate and Conservation Congress. Oh plus I'm a college student and varsity athlete - sometimes forget about those haha. 

Anyway, enough ranting, or whatever that was, I still have tons of work to finish, and sleep to catch up on. At least I posted, even if it wasn't the most productive post. 

:) Sara
Happy NaBloPoMo!

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