Friday, February 17, 2012

Healthy Profits: The Booming Business of Wellness

"Everyone is interested in getting into shape, and there are plenty of start-ups trying to make that easier. This panel will feature start-ups that get people to eat healthier, exercise more and manage their health needs."
Neda Talebian Funk - Co-founder and CEO, FITIST
Sachin Nanavati - Co-founder, Docphin
Kunal Sehgal - Co-founder and Director of Finance, Pure Fare
Samir Malik - Co-founder, 1DocWay

"Regulation is just a form of change."

My question: What role do you see environmental sustainability play in your business model? 
Anwers: Samir - it's an important part, although 1docway does not use much electricity and has no material product, the company saves customers many driving trips per year, thus reducing the carbon footprint. 
Kunal - It is somewhat important - they follow all regulations and take it into consideration. 
The other two speakers passed on the question. 

Samir Malik was really the standout speaker on this panel! He has some really great ideas and is a fabulously succinct speaker. 
He says that "telemedicine" is an important field for hospitals to get into for capital. 

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