Friday, February 17, 2012

Scott Hilton, Quidsi

The first keynote is Scott Hilton, one of the founders of, then with Soap, and now EVP of Operations at Quidsi.

Says that at originally they had very few people in charge of everything so that they could really figure out the most efficient way to get things done.

Natural order profile peaks on Mondays around 6pm and slopes down to the lowest on Saturday. This makes issues for shipping - especially if you want extremely fast shipping.

Product count / Per order cost and fixed capability curve fits in very well with my intro to econ class - excited to show my TA!

The next thing they did to improve efficiency in the warehouse of was replace workers' walking around to find inventory with machines. Inventory pods move around, the laser scans the product and tells the worker which puts them in the correct box. Watching the video of this process is really incredible!

Hilton says that "it's rarely the one great's hundreds of little to medium sized things."

What's his best piece of advice? -You will find your way through the details...don't try to replicate, find new innovations.

What's your next step? -Continuing to add sites.

How does the company decide what category to pursue next? -Strategy groups debates the options and opportunities. Logistics and opportunity are biggest factors.

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