Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Summer Plans

I wasn't finding much inspiration in today's NaBloPoMo prompt - "Do you have a friend who is practically a brother or sister? Tell us about them"...i mean first of all, my environmentalism is somewhat of a joke to most of my friends - and I make a point of keeping in that way. I don't want to take myself so seriously when I'm just hanging out, and I don't want my friends to think I look down on them when they use paper towels or leave the water running. I do occasionally take an opportunity to tell them about a cool environmental fact that I've learned or an event that's going on, but I find that if i were to inundate people constantly with environmental stuff they just wouldn't listen - plus they wouldn't want to be my friend in general. In that sense, I tend to keep my work and friends separate. And thus don't have a way to relate this prompt to my environmental blog.

So, instead, we will work with something else that is on my mind...summer plans!!! The proactive students at Penn have resume critiques, interviews, career fairs, OCR (on campus recruiting), and other plans up the wazoo! Hearing people fret about the summer six months in advance is one way you can tell you're around motivated people. Personally, I started thinking about this summer 3 months ago. And I'm still thinking about it, and still feeling indecisive.

Do I want a serious internship? to try to make enough money to go on a eurotour with friends? an environmental road trip with my mom? WWOOF (work on an organic farm)? What role will gymnastics play? How will this summer potentially help my resume? How burnt out will my brain be by the end of the semester?

Yes, just a few of the questions that go swirling through my head each time I think about impending summer plans. I would really love to go on a long U.S. road trip to visit environmental landmarks including eco-friendly stores, towns, conferences, solar farms, national parks, etc. etc. etc. (visit my pinterest page and you can get a good sense of what I'm envisioning). But who will I do it with? Who wants to visit environmental sites for a month? Who can drive and rent a car (I'm still to young and embarrassingly only have my permit...). 

I have a feeling that I'm going to be quite burnt out by the end of this semester, so maybe WWOOFing and road tripping would be a great stress relief. I also envision blogging and working on my company throughout the trip, and documenting the trip with lots of pictures, videos, and posts. 

This road trip has become a major source of inspiration during my daydreaming sessions in class (whoops, yeah, well it happens to everyone). 
If you have any great suggestions - please let me know!


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