Thursday, February 2, 2012

Second Semester Classes

this is where i live :)

I am really enthusiastic about my classes this semester, so, instead of doing my homework, I'm going to write a blog post on how interesting they are haha.

Intro to Econ
Intro to Statistics
Intro to Sociology
Cities and Sustainability
Environmental Case Studies

I think the best part about them is their combined importance. I've seen that econ, statistics, and sociology really each play off of each other. Plus, the professors of those classes are fairly interesting, something often hard to come by in an intro level class.

Cities and Sustainability is a 400 level class, which, at Penn, means that it's mainly graduate school students and seniors. It's interesting to be taking a class with people who already have jobs in a similar field, but this also makes it really hard. I don't know about much of the city level policy that we are talking about, so i've taken up so extra research on the topic. The final project will be to create a potential project for the city. Our professor works in the mayor's office, so he really knows what he's doing on this front. Yesterday we had 2 very interesting speakers come in and I will share some of their quotations in my next post.

Environmental Case studies is also interesting, and luckily not as difficult (so far). Each class we have an expert come in and give a presentation on their topic relating to sustainability. We spend much of the semester on a final research project. I'm thinking about doing mine on something about the Superfund project, although I don't have much background on that topic either yet.

I'll end with one quotation that I really like from one of m professors:

" Critical does not mean negative: critical means you have some distance so that you can get a measured assessment of things."

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