Friday, February 17, 2012

Keynote 3 - Mark Payne, Fahrenheit 212

Mark Payne, Co-founder and President, Fahrenheit 212

Transformational Innovation: The 2 Problem Game

  • Two constituents: end use and company
  • Connected, but totally separate sets of needs
Money and Magic: In hindsight, the obvious answer
Analysis: inventiveness
discipline: disruption
strategy: stratosphere
dotting i's: connecting dots
here to play: who to win
the study: the story
finance: finesse
inside out: outside in
feasibility: stretch 

Goal: to get to a place where 1+1=11

  1. Outcome obsessed culture
  2. Non-hierarchical
  3. Two-problme orientation
  4. End-to-end collaboration 
  5. Two killer apps

"The Wow and the How
  • Bringing ideas to life with high order creative insight, design, sensory experience and storytelling delivers the WOW.
  • Robust strategic, operational, financial, and technical dimensions deliver the HOW."

Case Studies: Money and Magic At Work
Samsung: Parallel Arrays of Commercial and End-User Insights, E.G.

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